SU Relief Initiative

Hola, Laurel Park,

We are learning as we go with our Relief Initiative. Hopefully this will clarify what the SU is offering residents of LP.

The SU has allotted this project the $1,500 granted by HALP for 2020.

These are the three types of relief available to residents in need during the next nine weeks.

  1. A farm share. We will only have 2 farm shares available each week
  2. A $25 gift certificate to the market of your choice
  3. $25 in cash

We will ask those requesting this relief to indicate their order of preference for the three types mentioned. Since there are only two farm shares per week, we will distribute them as evenly as possible over the period of nine weeks according to the number of requests for these. So it is possible you would take turns from one week to the next with other households receiving the farm share such that some weeks would receive your second choice of relief.

We are currently taking requests.

Requests may be for your household or for another park resident in need.

Requests may be for as many weeks as needed, not to exceed nine weeks at this time (we’ll notify everyone if we can extend beyond that). We ask that you indicate, if you know, for how long you might need the relief.

Residents may place their confidential request with Ilia (the only person who will have the recipients’ info), at #87, (413)575-5298,

Delivery begins Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

Ilia will deliver the form of relief requested to your cottage each Tuesday evening, unless you prefer to come to her house, #87, or to have her meet you somewhere in LP for the delivery.

Please contact me, Ilia (see contact info above), or Aaron Bissell (SU Treasurer), #56, (617)529-8367,, with any questions regarding this project.

With Kindness,

Ilia Cornier-Rivera, #87,
For the Social Union.