As of August 3, 2020

This program will respond to the statistics regarding the COVID 19 virus in this area.

At this point given the rising number of positive cases of the virus we will only offer the use of the ping pong table during each playtime slot, limiting the number of players to two with one guest each (maximum of 4 people in DH during each time slot).

Please remember the trial period for this project will last two weeks. We are counting on the honor system to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all who chose to participate. Once more, there will be no no food allowed in the DH and no use of the restroom or kitchen. Here are the rules:


  1.  Reserve play time (parent/guardian signature required if 17 or younger). Use Reservation Sheet outside DH starting 8/2/20.
  2. If player is under 12, have an adult with you in the DH on the date you reserved.
  3. Only items to enter the DH are water bottles and cell phones.
  4. Wear mask to enter DH through the front door and while in DH.
  5. Use sanitizer provided on your hands upon entering.
  6. Players and guests sign in at the ping pong or pool table. *
  7. Stay at least six feet apart if not from same household even during play time.
  8. Restroom hallway, restroom, and kitchen cannot be entered.
  9. Have fun!
  10. Wipe down equipment with sanitizer and paper towels provided (that includes paddles, balls, cue sticks, rack & other surfaces touched).
  11. Throw used paper towels in trash can provided.
  12. Return equipment to original positions.
  13.  Sign out. Leave promptly at end of your time slot.
  14.  Exit through rear door of DH (with your personal items).

* Strongly suggest you set a timer for the end of your time slot.

If you have any questions regarding this message, feel free to contact me, Ilia, at #87, (413)575-5298.,